Sxrew piles by wholesale

The Egoza plant, which is the largest manufacturer, produces and sells screw piles wholesale. In addition to offering our products for sale, we also offer services for their installation and the establishment of screw pile foundations of various sizes. Nonetheless, in the event that construction crews or corporations desire to procure screw piles for foundations and possess expertise in their utilization, we present the prospect of procuring these products in bulk quantities at the most advantageous cost.

Among our customers are individuals providing construction services, as well as specialized companies implementing projects for the construction of objects with various functional purposes.

When placing an order for a substantial quantity or dealing with regular clients, it is imperative to discuss the pricing and payment terms in advance.

What are the benefits of buying screw piles wholesale?  

Due to the difference in price and delivery conditions, it is much more advantageous to buy screw piles wholesale. Often, companies involved in continuous construction projects resort to such purchases for the construction of:

  • Cottage settlements;
  • Private houses;
  • Country cottages;
  • Bathhouses;
  • Utility buildings;
  • Fences;
  • Temporary structures.
The ongoing process of constructing foundations using pile-type structures necessitates the placement of wholesale orders. In regions with unstable soil, the construction industry experiences a surge in the demand for piles.

Sxrew piles by wholesale

Helical piles are utilized for infrastructure projects

Screw piles are commonly utilized in infrastructure projects involving the construction of river and sea piers and docks, crossings over water bodies, and the construction of sports and cultural structures, as they serve as essential supporting elements. The quantity of piles required for such projects is significant, so for infrastructure constructions, screw piles are purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Our pile construction plant designs the necessary pile configurations and furnishes the customer with the required quantity of products that meet the specified parameters of strength, corrosion resistance, and load-carrying capacity.

One may submit a request for the evaluation of their project by our experts.
Project assessment will be completed within 2 business days.

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Can’t decide which one to choose or having trouble calculating exactly the required number of piles?

Specialists of the Screw Pile Plant will be happy to help you in selecting the optimal nomenclature and budget determination for your project.

Write to us and we will contact You within 15 minutes.

All our products undergo strict quality control at every stage of production
We guarantee the highest quality of our piles!

Learn more about the terms of cooperation, ask about the assortment, and request a customized quotation from our managers by phone or email.

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