Manufacturer's Warranty

The "Egoza" factory provides a 2-year quality guarantee for helical piles. Furthermore, the helical foundation has been specifically engineered to have an average service life of 50 to 70 years.

Quality Control

Incoming Inspection

Upon incoming inspection, raw materials and components are inspected to ensure compliance with product quality standards, state standards, technical specifications, and other requirements.

The utilization of substandard materials is prohibited. We conduct an in-depth inspection, including checking the storage conditions of raw materials and components, as well as the plan and rules for acceptance, according to our productions technical specifications.

The technical specifications comprise a list of resources that are subject to incoming inspection:

  • Name and brand of raw materials and components;
  • Designation of products in documentation;
  • вид применяемого контроля — выборочный или сплошной;
  • Type of applied control - selective or complete;
  • Grounds for selection;
  • Control parameters and norms;
  • Means and methods of control;
  • Marking specifics based on results.

We are unable to accept products without accompanying documents. After successful completion of the incoming inspection, batches are marked and sent to production or stored.

Storage Conditions

The temperature regime, humidity level, moisture and dust protection, and location within the warehouse are individually selected for each category based on the technical documentation.

We closely monitor the storage conditions and guarantee complete preservation until the transfer to production.

Supervision includes verification of:

  • List of products;
  • Conditions of warehouse placement;
  • Requirements for warehouse contents;
  • Correct documentation;
  • Presence of labels and tags;
  • Designation of space for isolated storage of products;
  • Adherence to recommended storage periods;
  • Methods of applying and preserving product markings that do not meet standards;
  • Risks of using defective products.

Operational Production Control

An authorized department supervises the manufacturing processes of producing helical piles.

Verification of the following processes is conducted:

  • • Automatic plasma cutting of tubular and sheet metal;
  • Production and fixation of blades;
  • Bending of the cutting plane at a specific angle;
  • Welding;
  • Abrasive cleaning;
  • Acid treatment of metal elements;
  • Application of coating and polymerization.

We operate on modern certified equipment. Our specialists regularly undergo skills certification and equipment programming.

Acceptance Control

The procedure includes:

  • Clarification of documents related to conducted types of control;
  • Assessment of the appearance of piles, sizes, thickness of zinc and paint coating;
  • Checking the completeness of the set;
  • Marking considering the customer's requirements;
  • Packaging to prevent damage to the paint coating during transportation and storage.

After passing inspection, a stamp of acceptance control is applied to the piles.

Based on the outcomes of the inspection, we have prepared a product passport in accordance with GOST 23118. The following information is included in the passport:

  • Report on visual and ultrasonic seam inspection;
  • Calculation of seam strength parameters;
  • Defectoscopy conclusion (copy);
  • Welding process flowchart;
  • Attestation certificate from the National Welding Control System (authenticated copy);
  • Specialist welder certificates (copies));
  • Slinging diagram (if specified in the contract);
  • ISO certificate.

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