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In order to use the services of the  website, the User shall provide the following personal information: last name, first name, middle name, e-mail address, contact telephone number, previous place of work and position, city of residence.

Providing their personal data to the  Administration (hereinafter the Supplier) for processing, the User expresses their consent that this data will be used by the Supplier solely to provide customer support to the User, to hold customer opinion polls on servicing and services, to promote services, to carry out electronic and sms opinion polls, to control results of marketing actions, to hold prize drawings, to control the User satisfaction and quality of services provided by the Supplier, and to contact with applicants for vacant positions.

Providing their personal data in accordance with the purposes and terms indicated above, the User confirms their consent to their personal data cross-border transmission and sharing, and expresses their prior consent to their personal data processing for the purposes indicated above, particularly for the promotion and improvement of the Supplier’s products and services through direct contacts via means of communication.

The User’s personal data shall be processed in line with Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data”. Personal Data Processing is any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) with personal data performed through application of automation technologies, including collection, recording, classification, accumulation, storage, adjustment (updating, changing), retrieval, usage, transmission (including transmission to third parties, not excepting cross-border transmission, where it is required in charge of obligations), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, or destruction of personal data.

The Supplier has the right to use cookies. Cookies do not contain any confidential information. The User hereby gives consent to collection, analysis and usage of cookies, including by third parties, with the purpose of forming statistics and optimization of advertisement messages.

The Supplier receives information about ip-addresses of the visitors. This information shall not be used to identify the User.

The Supplier shall not bear responsibility for publicly available data submitted by the User on the website.

The User gives their consent for an indefinite term.

Refusal to receive information

The User’s consent to receive information can be recalled through notification of the Supplier at  +7 (3513) 298-840.

Amendments in these Terms and methods of personal data processing

The Supplier reserves the right to occasionally make partial or radical amendments or supplements to these Terms and methods of personal data processing. The Supplier encourages the Users to revise the Terms and methods of personal data processing and storage to stay informed as to how the Supplier protects your personal data. In many cases when making amendments to these Terms and methods of personal data processing, we can also change the date written at the beginning of the text of these Terms and methods of personal data processing, but the Supplier may not send any other notification of changes. However, in case of essential amendments the Supplier shall notify the User by posting a preliminary noticeable announcement about such amendments or by notifying the User by e-mail. The User’s continuing use of this website shall signify their agreement with such amendments.

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