Razor Wire 'Egoza'

Our company has been manufacturing Egoza razor wire since 1992. The manufacturing facility has amassed extensive expertise in the production of perimeter security items. Our high quality barbed and cutting protective barriers have allowed our enterprise to take a leading position in this field. At present, individuals who are interested may place an order for a diverse range of products.

Product Features

The companies products are manufactured under a recognized international trademark. Manufacture of Egoza wire is certified by ISO 9001 Certificate. These products have high protective properties, are affordable, and have a long service life due to their resistance to various environmental impacts .

Areas of Application:

  • Territories bordering
  • Yards designated for the consolidation, distribution, and shipment of goods are designated.
  • Military facilities
  • Sites for the extraction of valuable minerals.
  • Военные объекты.
  • Other locations requiring restricted access to their premises.
  • Private countryside estates..

Using razor wire can make barriers that can't be broken down, no matter how big they are. Protective measures are either erected on the surface of the area or erected on other defensive structures, such as roofs, walls, and gates. The consumer has several advantages, including the cost of Egoza razor wire and the visibility it provides after constructing the enclosure. The secured area remains prominently visible, thereby eliminating the possibility of concealed intentional harm to the protective measures and unauthorized access to the enclosed premises.

Using technical security means, the wire is suitable for establishing a reliable perimeter protection. It is possible to install flat and spiral products to ensure the security of guarded areas in various ways.

  • The awning is fixed on the roofs of buildings and atop fences.
  • It is mounted on special stands in multiple spiral layers.
  • I installed the support structure with tensioned supporting wire every 10-15 sections.
  • It can be quickly deployed as a portable protective barrier along the ground in the secured area.

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