3D Fencing

TOPAZ Metal Fences - These are high-quality 3D fences made from welded mesh, which consist of lattice galvanized sections with a polymer coating. The mesh is produced by welding and bending steel rods with a diameter of 4-6 mm, depending on the technical specifications and safety requirements.

The polymer coating is applied evenly to the rods, with special attention to welding points. This prevents corrosion from occurring in the future.

Fences are a straightforward and straightforward installation process, as the fence sections are secured to the posts with specialized clips. The fence posts are capable of being positioned on any surface, including the utilization of our manufactured screw piles.

We have a modern equipped paint booth (European production) that allows us to paint the produced metal fence sections in any RAL colors according to the technical specifications. High-quality painting processes, especially at the rod welding points, prevent corrosion from developing for many years ahead.

3D Fencing Diagram

3D "Topaz" Panel Fencing

Steel Rod Diameter
4 / 5 / 6 mm
Mesh Size
or other  
Panel Size
length 2500 / 3000
height 430 - 3000
Structural Rigidity
V-shaped bends
or other.
galvanized and powder-coated
Steel Rod Diameter
RAL color palette

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