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Enterprise has its own production facility that caters to a variety of entrance systems, including wicket gates, swing gates, and sliding gates (cantilever type). Depending on the requirements of the Client, entrance systems can be outfitted with automation and other access control devices.

Gates are in constant motion, which means they are subject to high dynamic load. Therefore, when producing gates, it is essential to use only high-quality materials and approach the gate design process with careful attention. The design department of our enterprise is equipped with modern machinery and state-of-the-art software, staffed by highly skilled specialists. The selection of raw materials and components for gates is meticulously executed and subjected to stringent quality control checks.

Gates are an integral component of fencing and a crucial component of perimeter security. Gates pose a heightened risk for unauthorized intrusion, and their security needs to be approached comprehensively and meticulously, equipping them with modern locks, latches, lighting systems, automation, alarms, and video surveillance tools.

Are sliding or swinging gates better?

Which types of gates are better - swing or sliding? It is not feasible to definitively determine which gates are superior, as each type of gate possesses its own advantages and disadvantages.

Swing gates are a traditional and versatile option, whose quality and dependability have been proven over time. Despite the fact that their overall configuration remains unchanged, a select group of panels is hung on the supporting columns by means of hinges and are accessible either manually or through automated means. The advantages of swing gates include affordability, reliability, ease of installation, and a durable construction. The drawback lies in the requirement for ample space to open the panels, which requires frequent snow removal during the winter season.

Instead, sliding gates are a more technologically advanced and intricate option in terms of their structural complexity. The gate panel does not move in a swinging manner; instead, it moves in a sideways motion on rollers. Therefore, the primary advantage of sliding gates is their ability to conserve space in front of the gates, making them suitable for restricted environments. Moreover, the sliding design is extremely durable and easy to maintain. Sliding gates are most effective and convenient when used with automation. The drawback of sliding gates primarily includes a higher cost and a more complex installation process.

The choice of gate type is determined by the installation space possibilities and client preferences, as well as the operating conditions. However, both sliding and swing gates can be equipped with automation and remote control.

Installation of gates, wicket gates, and entrance systems

Regardless of the gate type and configuration, it is advisable to entrust gate installation to professionals who possess all the necessary construction permits, have their own installation teams, the relevant skills, and are knowledgeable about all the nuances of the work. Swing gates are simpler to install, with the most critical stages being accurate measurement of the opening, secure installation of supporting (pillar) columns, and proper mounting of the panels on hinges (without misalignment). Sliding gates require substantial concrete work during the installation of the power frame, adjustment of the roller system, movement limiters, and gate panel guides.

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