Three-blade screw pile 57

It is a metal pipe with a welded tip and three blades along its body.
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Pile diameter, mm: 57
Pile length, m: 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 / 6
Wall thickness, mm: 3,5
Piles diameters, mm: 200
Tip weight, kg: 17,6 / 19,9 / 22,2 / 24,5 / 26,9 / 29,2 / 31,5
Tip length, mm: 100
Blade Pitch, mm: 57
Intercoil Distance, mm: 740
Blade Thickness, mm: 4
Three-blade screw pile

When it is imperative to transfer the weight of a building to the surface of solid soil, three-blade screw piles are extensively employed in the construction of foundations. Their barrels possess a smooth surface, thereby minimizing the adhesion of soil.

The three-blade screw pile is a metallic pipe that has a welded tip and comprises three blades along its length.

Foundations installed on screw piles do not require settlement time and are immediately ready to bear new loads. This significantly accelerates the construction process.

Three-blade screw pile

The advantages of utilizing a three-blade screw pile are as follows:

  • The increase in bearing capacity on compression and pull-out was at least two times or more.
  • The increase in bearing capacity on lateral loads was by a factor of four.
  • Upon reaching the critical load, they do not succumb to failure, but instead persevere in acquiring bearing capacity.


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