Permafrost screw pile 325 / 12

The screw pile for permafrost grounds, with a diameter of 325 mm, fully complies with current state standards (GOST) and construction norms (SNiP) and meets international requirements and standards. This steel screw pile is intended for permafrost grounds and comprises a metallic tube with a crown-shaped tip and a blade.
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Pile diameter, mm: 2325
Wall thickness, mm: 12
Piles diameters, mm: 400
Number of turns, pcs: 2
Turn step, mm: 200
Pile weight, kg: 382 / 474 / 567 / 660 / 752 / 845 / 937 / 1030 / 1123
Tooth height, mm: 40
Number of teeth: 24
Turn thickness, mm: 10
Permafrost screw pile

For permafrost grounds, crew pile foundations offer numerous advantages compared to other types, including significant reductions in the consumption of time and material resources and elimination of the need for labor-intensive excavations. Furthermore, in some cases, screw pile foundations on permafrost grounds are the only viable method for constructing buildings.

The screw pile structures utilized in permafrost grounds consist of tubes that are equipped with cast or welded tips in specific configurations. The primary distinguishing characteristic of these products is the diminution of the blades' width in comparison to their counterparts designed for conventional operating conditions. The screw pile is designed to provide an effective distribution of soils during pile screwing, while simultaneously compacting soil layers and providing a high load-bearing capability. 

Permafrost screw pile

The screw pile designed for permafrost grounds has been modified to have sharpened ends instead of conical tips, as a result of the specific conditions of use. 

Screw piles for frozen soils are categorized according to their functional purpose into the following modifications:

  • Constructions that are specifically designed for the periodic thawing of soils feature wider blades and are capable of being manufactured in a variety of sizes and diameters, contingent upon the intended load. Such piles are typically installed during the summer period or when the ground is artificially thawed without the need for pre-drilled holes.
  • Constructions designed for permanently frozen soils require a pre-drilled hole (leader) along the entire length and diameter of the pile to be installed. It is more labor-intensive and requires additional specialized equipment, but in some cases, it is the only way to create a strong and safe foundation base.
Permafrost screw pile

The technology of screw pile foundations mitigates the negative impact on vertical force supports, thereby enhancing the preservation of the initial soil structures in which the screw pile is fixed. The recommended depth of immersion for pile structures is between 4 and 8 meters, which is below the potential thawing of the perennially frozen soil. Consequently, the settling and tilting of the foundations are not a possibility, even in the presence of extensive soil thawing and the influence of external aggressive factors. 

During the production of helical pile structures for permafrost soils, we use only high-quality materials such as alloyed steel and special metal alloys. Our signature products undergo a thorough processing and are coated with polymer protective composition. This ensures the uninterrupted and flawless functioning of the piles, despite their frequent disassembly and installation.

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