Metal screw piles

Metal screw piles are extensively utilized for the construction of foundation bases for residential, commercial, industrial, and other structures. Additionally, they are utilized for the construction of fences, bridges, piers, and other constructions in areas with challenging terrain, complex or weak soils, near water bodies, or in close proximity to them.

Pile foundations facilitate a significant reduction in project expenses and greatly expedite its execution. All climate zones in Russia and the CIS countries are suitable for metal screw piles. They are characterized by their reliability, practicality, durability, and versatility.

The Gaza plant manufactures high-quality pile structures that comply with current national standards (GOST), construction norms and rules (SNiP), and international norms. Each stage of production is subject to rigorous control, and our branded products are subjected to comprehensive anti-corrosion treatment and certification, which guarantees their absolute technical and operational characteristics.

Advantages of Pile Foundation

Foundations based on metal screw piles are a highly efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and safe solution for constructing various types of structures. Such foundations have the main characteristic of being located below the natural frost line of the soil. This approach mitigates the potential for building and structure settlement resulting from seasonal temperature fluctuations

Other advantages of pile foundations include:

  • The following factors are important: Cost-effectiveness: Building the foundation does not require a large amount of capital. The elimination of lengthy and costly earthmoving activities is also a result.
  • The construction of a foundation on piles necessitates minimal time, ranging from one to several days, depending on the degree of complexity and extent of the task. Concrete mixes do not need to wait for the concrete to set, settle, or for natural soil distribution..
  • After the piles are installed, construction work can begin.
  • The installation of pile structures is ecologically and neatly done without involving the removal of vegetation, thus preventing any potential harm to the root systems of nearby trees. The compactness of the drilling equipment eliminates the necessity to disassemble existing fences, vegetation, or structures, thereby preserving the landscape design of the site.
  • It is possible to build on virtually any type of surface, allowing for the realization of the most innovative engineering and architectural projects without the need for additional land preparations.
  • Additional support for future structures can be provided by evenly dispersing vertical loads, thereby preventing soil loosening or disruption of integrity. These foundations are not susceptible to groundwater or moderate seismic movements.
  • Pile foundation construction can be executed throughout the year, irrespective of weather conditions, temperature regimes, or other external factors.

It is imperative to note that the pile foundation can only be constructed by highly qualified specialists employing superior materials and cutting-edge equipment to fully realize the aforementioned advantages. It is imperative to conduct preliminary hydrogeological surveys in order to establish a solid and durable pile foundation. The results of these surveys help identify the specific soil characteristics of the site, detect weak spots, voids, and other factors that could lead to premature damage to the pile foundation.

Metal screw piles produced by &quotEgoza"

Advantages and features of metal screw piles

Compared to competitors and other types of piles, the metal screw pile constructions produced at the "Egoza" plant have numerous advantages. Among them are:

  • The maximum speed and ease of installation are achieved.
  • It is suitable for constructing structures on marshy soils, areas with high humidity, complex terrains, and periodically flooded areas.
  • A significant reduction in the volume of earthwork has been observed.
  • There is no need for site leveling.
  • Ability to construct structures within close proximity to underground engineering communications and basements.
  • The immediate commencement of construction work immediately following the installation of piles.
  • The possibility of foundation construction in any season is great.
  • The reusability of piles after additional anti-corrosion treatment.
  • The installation is vibration-free into the ground.
  • Minimal need for machinery and workforce.

We manufacture piles from metal pipes that have undergone rigorous quality control and do not have any damage or defects. Thanks to comprehensive surface treatment, the piles are reliably protected from external aggressive influences for an extended period, positively impacting the technical and operational characteristics of the foundation.

Collaboration with "Egoza" - benefits and advantages

For private and corporate clients, we provide the most comfortable and mutually beneficial conditions for cooperation, which include:

  • Objective and affordable pricing. The price of our metal piles is an order of magnitude lower than that of competitors.
  • Full transparency in cost estimation. No hidden fees or unjustified mark-ups.;
  • Maximum speed in processing orders and manufacturing both standard and custom pile constructions.
  • Official quality guarantees and compliance with current requirements and standards.
  • Extended range of accompanying services – from designing pile foundations to direct installation.
  • Consultative and informational support.

Order the manufacturing of metal pipe piles right now using the provided contact phone numbers or by submitting an online request on our website. Our managers will contact you at your convenience, providing detailed information about the advantages of our products, current prices, special offers, and the benefits of partnering with "Egoza" company.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in our products.

Metal screw piles

Metal screw piles

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